Self-Employment- Ideas to Make Money

Self-Employment- Ideas to Make Money

Businesses all around the globe are suffering through this unexpected wave of life-threatening NOVEL-CORONAVIRUS.  Pushing the business goals and new ventures to the move to technology to survive. For safety, this pandemic has forced billions of people all across the globe to stay home in the name of LOCKDOWN. 
However, the pandemic has not only shaken up the economy at large but it has direct effects on the livelihoods of daily wage workers. In a country like India, it is disheartening to see such a blog to humanity. This huge blow to the economy is leading to an increase in unemployment and people returning to their hometown making them want to start anew. Before the onset of the pandemic, global GDP growth was predicted at 2.3 %. The Indian economy was observed to shrink to 23.9% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2020. This is even worse than market forecasts of an 18.3% drop.
What Is Self-Employment?
Self-employment is a journey of learning & generating income that adds value to personal growth, business status, and the economy of the country. A self-employed person is not bound to an employer and either is the proprietor of one’s own business or as a freelancer doing individual projects. This inspires independence, self-confidence, and positivity in the person, and the cycle is complete when you start obtaining consistent financial goals.
In India, there is a workforce estimate of around 473 million, out of which 246 million of the workforce is self-employed.  
In India 4.2 crore of 5.8 crore organizations i. e, 71.7%, do not employ people. So the self-employed sector is basically involved in agriculture. Those who aren't are usually involved in meager paying works like tea stalls, roadside eateries, mechanics, etc. 
People, in general, seem to confuse self-employment with entrepreneurship and startups. So, what differentiates self-employment? 
  • Self-Employment: Working for self, to generate smaller/bigger income to gain financial independence. There is no regime or instructions to be followed by any higher authority. This is like working from home, as small businesses create a suitable number of work opportunities to set you apart.
  • Entrepreneurship: Journey of creating a new business, opportunities, and much more. Newly registered businesses, self-employment, or startups are all entrepreneurship.
  • Startup: Start-up is a new organization that aspires to seek, develop, and grow into a larger organization with employees under them. Creating suitable jobs for the people by the people in the industry, adding value to the economy, country, and lives.
Here are some top 5 picks for self-employment ideas to get you started 
YouTube – All you need to grow your career in the online business industry, then the name is YouTube. This abundant platform of YouTube has seen monumental growth, and has around 2 billion users worldwide, making it the second most popular social media platform around the world... It has become the synonym to produce new-age influencers, celebrities, new brands in the world of the internet. The kind of traffic youtube generates, the same way it facilitates its people around to gain financial independence and fame.
  • YouTube is a second home to everyone after we search it first on Google.
  • Youtube encompasses a huge variety of categories of business starting from technology, fashion, travel, education, food, language, music, entertainment, charity, and everything else you think can be good to see. 
  • The Youtube community grows every day with new ideas and content that is running this space. That's why, YOUTUBE actually shares the money they earn through, and you get a chance to earn money through videos. 
  • The valuable content you create and upload, you get a chance to get engaged with people, the more subscribers you have, the closer you are to earn money.
  • Earning revenue through ads is what we aspire. Here, consistency is the key to create valuable content and get handsomely paid through it. 
For example, In LOCKDOWN- esports has gained new heights, several gamers are flocking to YouTube to live stream their game and earn lakhs through it.
Blogging – A blog is a journey of a writer, some writers bring life with experiences and a few simply make it easy for us to experience that feeling in a few words. You can write on whatever domain you like or on your experiences. Writing meaningful content adds value to the passion that a reader feels every time they read.
Before you start your prepping for your new blog. It becomes very important to get aligned with the categories or domains you think you can contribute to. Your blog could be based on anything that you feel comfortable with, especially in terms of the authenticity of knowledge around it. New ideas come every day, but some popular categories are lifestyle, fashion, music, entertainment, technology, climate change, mental health, and much more that connects you within.
We want your readers to be captivated by your knowledge on the subject. Your blog should be the source of the right information and trust. Over the years, blogging has evolved manifolds and now it has turned into a profitable occupation in work from home settings. With people searching for everything on the internet that results in generating variably more traffic than we assume.
  • Blogging has grown explosively. with approximately 409 million people engaging with around 20 billion pages. 
  • On average a blogger can earn around anything between $100-$10,000 per month, in India. 
  • There are various options for earring through blogging, like selling products, services courses through ads or sponsored ads
Application Development – Almost every one of us who is reading surely owns a smartphone. There are more than 3.5 billion smartphone users we have by the end of 2020.  This means, the best way to build a business in today’s world is through mobile phones, the app market has huge potential.


90% of the time spent using smartphones is spent on apps.

Like we all know, times have changed drastically, We now have everything in our reach. With a click, you order food, book a cab, clothing,  anything and everything is available.
Especially in this time of need ( PANDEMIC), we all have gone through a huge shift in lifestyle. To start with, the Aarogya Setup app, we used to identify the safety of our surroundings. And, this app is not only the one people are using for tracing and tracking records. Many new and unique apps have come up in different business sectors including healthcare, insurance, horticulture,  and logistics.
This means the App industry has a lot of potential for so many new business ideas. We all see a huge demand in the application development industry and you never know about the possible opportunity available in every scenario. Surely, if this interests you the most then make the most of it. 


On average, app developers can earn $4,100 in India. 

Graphic Designing – Graphic designing is an art that brings value to the design and concept. Graphic designing can be intimidating for some but there are plenty of tools that make learning the basics of it extremely simple. 
To be updated on social media, every business requires a graphic designer. The Design field has always been in demand, talking about current scenarios, you mostly end up buying brands that you really identify with your taste and standards. Establishment in digital business starts with branding, marketing, Image building, and much more. Here comes the role of the graphic designer, which is extremely important in the success of a business and a brand’s personality. 
  • This industry has grown up to 3.1% in the last 5 years. 
  • There is plenty of workforce working from home through freelancing projects available on various sites like LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, paying a decent amount. Even students who are utilizing their time to hone their skills can gain more experience by working as a freelancer. 
  • Paid Internships are available for candidates in the learning stages.
Online Courses/Tutoring – With Online education booming, things have become a little old school like homeschooling. You access your course and content right away, you don't move places to find the right coursework. This whole shift is building more pressure on students and they are having a hard time completing everything on time. Online tutoring is teamwork. Definitely, this would be a great time to impart knowledge to such students by holding online tutoring. 
During the lockdown, we are almost learning everything online. Right from having a yoga class, cooking lessons via YOUTUBE, Dance & music class. Even people who are retired or lost their jobs are teaching or mentoring students through online crash courses or private classes. Teaching as we say the noblest profession but it also gets you paid decently in the tough times.
In the world of the internet, WORK FROM HOME is turned into a blessing for everyone. People get to experience new technology and new ideas or concepts every passing day. However, the NOVEL CORONA-VIRUS has created disarray and chaos as millions of people battle to survive. However, it's about perspective and how you see this as a new opportunity to grow. As far as humans are alive, they will find a way to fix everything. Play by your own rules and be your own boss now.