Self Development : Skills You Need

Self Development : Skills You Need

Self-development is a lifelong process. It is a path for individuals to assess their qualities and skills, think about achieving their goals, and set objectives to acknowledge and boost their potential. It permits you to be proactive and assume responsibility for your activities. You may not generally arrive at your target yet you lead an additionally satisfying life as your purpose is well defined. Self-development adds to both fulfillment and accomplishment throughout everyday life. 
Self-development is the improvement of one's status, character, or knowledge by spending time on oneself. It's simply the journey to improve in any and every field of life. You can work on self-development by grasping certain self-development skills such as attributes and qualities that you as of now have or acquire through education and training.     
Here are some tips for you to make the most of the challenges that life throws at you 


Pen it down – 

Most people go through life with no particular aim or vision. The best way to motivate yourself is by having a clear vision and prioritizing what is important to you. Having a clear vision and knowing where you want to focus your energy, makes it all easy!
Writing down your goals for the day gives you the clarity that you need and also helps you take measures that help you towards your goals. It will create a vision in your mind and will help you stay motivated and commit to what is important.  
Studies say writing down goals increases your success rate by 42%.
In a study of Harvard MBA program graduates, research was conducted amongst students to study how many reached their goals after completing graduation. 
84% of them had no goals in particular. 13% had goals but did not commit to writing them. Only 3% had their goals written down on paper. Now let's see the success rate:
The 13% who had goals, earned 2x times more than those who didn't set any goals. The 3% who had goals written down on paper earned 10 times more than both the sections combined i. e, at least 97% more. 


Actions speak louder than words

It is not enough to write down your goals and make a to-do list. Your ambitions will only remain a fantasy without consistent action and regular effort. Stay dedicated to your goals and make your dreams come true by taking small steps every day. 
Even small steps count as long as you are working towards what you want to achieve. So as they say, don’t wait for the perfect moment to start, take the moment and make it perfect.  
Michael Jordan was not always the NBA star that we know him as now. He did not just think about what he wanted to achieve but also actively took action towards achieving his goals. In high school, he even struggled to make it to his varsity team and got rejected. He started investing all his time in training harder every day and two years later made it to the All-American High School Team. He then went off to achieve two Olympic medals, six NBA Championships, and fourteen MVP awards. 

Work In The Morning

Change your morning schedule if it doesn’t positively impact the rest of your day. For some of you even getting out of bed is a task and you have no motivation to go through the rest of the day. If you are always waking up late, barely making it to class or work, change up your alarm placement. Place your alarm at the end of the room where you can’t hit the snooze button. This will force you to get out of bed. 
63% and 72% of people say they feel the most productive and creative in the morning. 

Go For A Walk 

Go out on an early morning walk, breathe in the fresh air and exhale the staleness of the previous day. Influential masterminds like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey all believed in walking meetings to bring out their creativity and come up with successful ideas. Walter Isaac the author of the book titled "Steve Jobs" validated this claim by saying that it was Steve Jobs's "preferred way to have a serious conversation."
According to research done by Stanford University, walking elevates creative thinking by at least an average of 60 percent.

Eat Healthily

Have a healthy but deliciously refreshing breakfast. Avoid skipping your breakfast. Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the fuel for your body that helps your body function throughout the day.
In a study done amongst students, 25% portray a lack of Interest when they skip breakfast. 20% feel sleepy. 50% lack focus and 5% fall into the "other" category, which is the feeling of hunger. 


Meditate daily to redirect your focus even if it is for a span of 10-15 minutes. Meditation is said to increase your attention span in only 4 days. 
Study proves that meditation increases a worker's productivity by 120%. This is because meditation helps in
  •  improving your sleep cycle
  •  decreases the release of cortisol hormone which causes stress and 
  • increases the release of happy hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.
 This makes those who meditate feel stress-free and increases productivity substantially.  
Be Positive
If you want to change the course of your life, start with reframing your mindset. Developing the right attitude and mindset is crucial to achieving your goals.  90% of the problem is in your mind and what you believe in can prevent your growth or allow you to flourish.  Therefore, it is extremely important to think positively. Positive thinking attracts positivity, while negative thinking attracts negativity. 
In a study conducted by Harvard University, it is a proven fact that when a person is employed, it is 85% because of his attitude and 15% owing to his knowledge. A positive mind births a positive life.
Self-development will permit you to find out about yourself and what you need from life. At the point when you've put resources into self-development, you will need to continue onward. It, in itself, will change the way you carry on with your life. You will consistently be striving to be better. It will permit you to prosper and live in the present moment. It will give you the sensation of prosperity and satisfaction and will assist you with succeeding and arriving at your maximum potential. On the off chance that you feel like self-development is excessively testing, attempt to comprehend that you've been doing it since forever. Since the day you were conceived, you've been creating and improving your skills, abilities, and talents. Presently is essentially an opportunity to make the cycle more cognizant and dedicate energy toward the things you trust and hope to improve.