Millions of lives around the world have changed drastically. There was a time when our media and news covered millions of aspects. We talked about happenings and our life wasn’t just centered around one particular incident and it carried on like that smoothly up until 2019. Whereas the year 2020 seems pretty disturbed and wants to be broadcasted as a movie based on some epic apocalypse.
The year 2020 has something else in its mind and since the year began, it has been coming up with nothing but calamities, none bigger than the Novel Coronavirus.
When the Coronavirus began spreading in Wuhan, CHINA  ( DECEMBER 2019) no one could have anticipated that it would turn into a pandemic. But as of today, the whole world is shaken by the disease. Our lives have changed, and no one is certain about what the future holds for us.
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many countries have imposed strict lockdowns so that they can at least contain the spread of the virus. From Social distancing to washing hands 20 times a day and whatnot, our life has pretty much turned upside down.

The INTERNET is a boon, PERIOD.

People have been stuck in their homes for months surviving the disaster with this much ease, only and only because of the INTERNET we have been blessed with. 
Imagine being born in an era of “No Internet” and surviving through such calamities; sounds dreadful right?
No matter how much we criticize the digital world or being caught up in the web of the smart world; we for sure know that if it were not for the internet, we would really have been in a dark place right now. 
So let’s see how the internet leads us through this distasteful time.

Digital World: A Boon

The second you wake up, there is a mobile in your hand. And if we find our phones missing even for a second, the panic hits us within a snap of a finger.
FUN FACT You would be surprised to know that 63,000 people are hitting that search button on Google every second.
According to a site named “ Oberlo”, 90.4% of millennials and 77.5% of Gen -x  are active on Social Media every single day.
And with living through the times of Content Creation, the number is certainly going up in the upcoming time. The rationale behind it is none other than the Internet.
But that is just not it; various factors come with the Internet and what we are about to discuss is how our Digital world is keeping us sane in such a threatening time.
Well first let’s talk about our basic necessity, we need food; How are we getting it when we are warned that the outdoors is not safe anymore. Well, the place my order option has pretty much eased our pain. We are still in a position of fulfilling our needs so conveniently.
Schools and colleges are all shut, but the studies did not seem to get hindered at all. Thanks to Google class and other virtual modes that the year could not turn itself into summer vacation for students.
Tele-medicine is making sure that their patients are safe by assisting them from remote places. To know if we are safe wherever we are, a location tracker has been developed, in India, it is “ Aarogya Setu”, that helps us track and be updated on the data of the whereabouts of any person that is infected with the virus. 

Work From Home

WFM would have sounded insane if we were in the era of “ No Internet”. But with our digitalization so evolved, a laptop and good internet connection did not let us have second thoughts on it. Some of us are away from our families and some are even living away in a completely different time zone, but the video calls feature in various apps did not let us break down and let us connect even more than ever.
From working out at home to booking various services like haircuts, plumbing, and cleaning, almost everything is just one click away. The digitalization of every aspect of the business has made sure that people have access to every service online
The meetings that needed conference rooms before are now conducted online over a zoom call or skype/Google Meet. To remain entertained when our life is currently under threat sounds stupid, But hey! How can we forget the amazing content creators on several social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube that is doing their job par excellence and not failing to amuse us?
Well let’s be honest, not everybody is working from home and some of us might want to uptake this time to learn something new or develop a certain skill. Thanks to the ocean of free content available on innumerable platforms like Youtube, skillshare, Unacademy, Udemy, etc that we don’t have to worry about the resources and just have to get started.

Gaming & E-Sports

For gaming freaks,  twitch became the right platform to not get left behind in the gaming culture. You can easily broadcast or watch live-streams on this platform. Studies show that twitch has been thriving amazingly since the pandemic began.
When all sports are currently stopped or postponed, esports has become a life savior for people who are madly in love with sports. It made sure that the fun does not end here by keeping the tournaments alive. These tournaments usually took place in an arena but now are taking place easily from home.
One of the examples is the recently played tournament of Counter-Strike G.O.
According to various research, Esports is one of the industries that is said to have been booming in such a dreadful time whilst almost every other business seems to be drowning in the loss.

Recession & Yet we still are in a better place

Despite going through the most dreadful times ever and the only objective of humankind right now is to stay safe and healthy. So it is natural that we might overlook our work and economy. As easy as it sounds, it is not. We have already hit the recession badly then we ever have. Most of the businesses and industries are facing huge losses. 
And whenever we come out of this pandemic, the world will be struggling. So, It is important at this time to try and keep working to sustain our economy. But one thing is clear we could have hit the worst if there was no internet.
  • Digitalization has made sure for businesses to remain afloat even under this stern lockdown. We can count on the Internet to get our work done.
  • Some industries are at the loss but some have proven the fact that “necessity is the mother of invention” and that, because of the Internet, the loss can still be minimized. We have the resources and we just need to figure out more optimal solutions to come out of this situation sooner than later.

Video Conferencing start-up ZOOM is one such industry that has profited massively. Research shows Usage of the firm's software jumped 30-fold in April, as the coronavirus pandemic basically forced millions to work, learn and socialize remotely. 

  • As per NBC Zoom reported higher sales and profit in the three months from May through July than it did in all of 2019.

Various LOGISTICS and delivery sectors also seem to thrive as most of the population is relying on the door to door delivery system. 

Streaming platforms ( OTT) like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube have made sure that people stuck in their homes are still entertained and these industries did not just make sure of that but have recorded high escalation in their viewership.

As per medianova according to Deloitte Insights survey 2020, more people (68%) now have at least one OTT subscription, as compared to those who have a pay-TV subscription (65%). And a startling statistic that stands out is that, while the Compound annual growth rate(CAGR) for the OTT industry before the pandemic was around 16%, the CAGR post-pandemic is expected to be over 19%. 
In India, it is being observed that  Disney+ Hotstar, Eros Now, BigFlix, Hooq, Netflix, Hungama Play, and some 30-odd platforms have progressed and are being watched by the majority of households. a

Gaming portals and esports are also said to be blooming in this dreadful season of coronavirus.

According to the world economic forum Asian gaming giants, Nintendo and Tencent both saw sales increases during the first quarter. The former sold almost half of its games digitally, a record that helped increase profits by 41%, while Tencent's year-on-year online games revenue increased by 31%. Analysis from shows that sales across 50 key markets rose by 63%. 
There was a time when the Internet was something to be considered as a thing of luxury. But then slowly and steadily it engulfed a huge part of our lives and with this virus, on our heads, we have realized that things (like an online delivery system or working from home, etc), which were more like an advantage to us before have now become a part of our necessities.
Although it is not the same for everyone. With so many positive facts their lies a sad truth that many of the poor and underprivileged people of our society are making through this situation in a pretty bad state. 
Indeed, many of the daily workers don’t even have what it takes to buy one meal per day, and the Internet can not help them in any way that it helps us “ the privileged ones”
However, what is also true is the fact that the digitization of everything has been helping the world a great deal in its fight against this deadly virus.
The Internet has been the sole surviving medium for conducting business. When the world has pretty much come to a standstill, it is making sure that life must go on and we must continue working.