The Concept Of Asexuality

The Concept Of Asexuality


By Anushka

Just how being a female or a male is not a choice, being LGBTQ is also not a choice. The fact that society is accustomed to look at most things in terms of binary, somehow became out of the question for most of us to accept genders other than male or female. However, this does not give us any right to live in denial and not accept those who come out as LGBTQA+.
In the beginning, when LGBTQA+had just started coming out, activists started to shed light on LGBTQA+ by fighting for their common and obvious rights and making people aware that outside the box of males and females, people with different gender identities exist. The efforts without a shadow of a doubt are fruitful. And now with our ever-blooming social media industry, LGBTQA+ is being recognized and supported more than ever. 
Although LGBTQA+ has reached a space where they are able to celebrate pride month and even several countries have decriminalized being LGBTQ+ including India, there are people who still do not understand why there is such a community or what LGBTQ+ is for that matter.
A few understand the concept of lesbian and gay but then again fail to understand that there is something beyond L&G as well. One of the gender identities that most people tend to misunderstand is asexuality and some even go on to believe that it is a choice.  So now let’s crack it up and see what exactly asexuality is? 
An individual who is asexual has close to nothing or even no sexual fascination. 
Everybody's involvement in being asexual can be different. Some asexual individuals don't encounter any sexual fascination. 
However, they face different sorts of attractions like-sentimental fascination where they need a sentimental relationship with somebody, and tasteful fascination where they are pulled into how an individual looks.
 Or an actual fascination where they need to be held or snuggle, the non-romantic fascination is needing to be companions with somebody and passionate fascination is the point at which you need to have an emotional bond with somebody. 
Some Facts regarding Asexuality


DEMISEXUAL - A demisexual individual goes under the umbrella of Asexuality. A demisexual individual may just be explicitly pulled in to somebody they have a profound sentimental relationship with.

An expected 1% of the populace is asexual, however, specialists believe the number could be more. 
Asexual individuals have similar feelings as every other person. Most asexual people want to have and frame a genuinely close connection with others. Asexual individuals might be pulled in towards similar sex or different genders too. 
Every asexual individual will have an alternate encounter, which could be: 
  • Becoming hopelessly enamored 
  • Encountering excitement 
  • Having orgasms
  • Stroking off 
  • Getting hitched 
  • Having kids 
The distinction between Sexual Desire, Libido & Sexual Attraction
Before getting any deeper into the topic of asexuality, let us first understand the difference between sexual desires, Libido, and Sexual Attraction:


Another word for libido is sex drive, it's tied in with needing to have intercourse and sexual delight and sexual delivery. For certain individuals, it's truly next to zero drive by any means


This is the craving to have intercourse, regardless of whether it’s for joy, a personal connection, recreation or something different. 


This includes finding somebody explicitly engaging, attractive, and needing to have intercourse with them. 

The spectrum of Asexuality : 
Most asexuals identify with two orientations, a romantic one and a sexual one.  As per Asexual visibility and education Network(AVEN) :
An asexual's sentimental direction decides "which gender(s)" if any they are inclined to frame a romantic relationship. 
There are likewise people in the asexual network who identify in the grey area between asexuality and sexuality.
Romantic Orientation


An individual who is romantically pulled in to the contrary sexual orientation


An individual who is romantically pulled in to an individual of a similar sex


An individual who is romantically pulled in to both the sexual orientations


An individual who is romantically pulled in to other people yet it isn't restricted by the other individual's sex. Like biromantics, their accomplice's sexual orientation does little to characterize their relationship.


They have practically no romantic attraction to other people. They would prefer to be happy with companionships and other non-sentimental connections

Sexual Orientation


An individual who doesn't encounter sexual attractions at all


They might be explicitly pulled in, yet less. 


An individual who doesn't encounter sexual fascination except if they have a solid and profound bond with somebody.


An individual who encounters REGULAR sexual attractions.

A significant number of individuals who aren't asexual have exceptionally low libido or the craving to have intercourse.  Additionally, numerous asexual individuals have the drive and may encounter sexual longing.  Along these lines, some asexuals may even masturbate or engage in sexual relations. 
Asexuality doesn't really mean somebody abhors sex it essentially implies they don't get explicitly pulled in.
Asexual individuals masturbate and even enjoy sexual intimacy with others without being sexually attracted to anyone. There are various reasons why asexual people want to have sex such as
  • To satisfy their desire
  • To satisfy their libido
  • To make their partner happy
  • To conceive children 
  • To show and receive affection
  • For the sensual pleasure of sex, including touching and cuddling.
There is a wide scope of personalities on the asexual range, from individuals who experience no sexual or sentimental appreciation to individuals who participate in sexual contact under certain conditions. Numerous asexual individuals structure important, enduring connections, and some get hitched or have youngsters. 
Asexuality isn't equivalent to chastity or restraint, the two of which mean somebody encounters sexual fascination, however, decides not to follow up on it.
You will choose whether you distinguish as asexual or not. The manner in which you characterize your sexuality, direction, or personality is up to you. In the event that you choose not to utilize any marks to depict yourself, that is completely fine as well. Embrace who you are & go with the flow!

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