Self-Sustaining Lifestyle: Atma Nirbhar Bharat

Self-Sustaining Lifestyle: Atma Nirbhar Bharat


By Anushka

Self-sustainability or self-sufficiency, are terms that represent an ocean of means where independence upholds one’s lifestyle. A self-sufficient person is an individual who is capable of catering to his own needs without an external source. 

This term means different for everyone and cannot be restricted to a box. For some, self-sufficiency may mean living on a farm growing their own fresh produce like vegetables, crops, building one’s own shelter, and providing everything for themselves and their families on that very acre of land. For some, a self-sufficient lifestyle may indicate earning a lot of money through business, trade, and having the means to afford whatever they want. 

Benefits Of A Self-Sustaining Lifestyle & Why You Should Adopt It

You may question what exactly makes a self-sustaining lifestyle better and beneficial than the life you are living today. So, what are the benefits of a lifestyle based on the pillars of independence and self-sufficiency?


Conservation Of Our Environment 


The modern world has made living for us extremely convenient. However, it comes with several cons, environmental hazard being the worst of it all. With climate change threatening the planet, the water crisis has been increasing rapidly. Self-sufficiency is a great way of conserving our environment and saving the planet from collapsing. 


For Instance, If your workplace is closer to your house, instead of taking public transport or your car, choose to cycle instead. This helps in saving fuel & energy conservation.

Economic Independence


Imagine the amount of money you would save if you grew your own produce, harvested rainwater for various uses, recycled and repurposed your old clothes, installed solar panels, fixed your own light bulbs, and did the plumbing in your own house, etc. 


You don’t necessarily have to live on a farm to adopt a self-sufficient lifestyle, you can choose to practice small measures to become self-sufficient in various areas of your life. 


No Shortage Even During Emergencies 

How many of you remember the period of confusion, angst and urgency during the onset of the pandemic, when every grocery store was starved of goods and people were worried about even getting the basic necessities for survival? A self-sufficient person does not have to rely on external sources as such to provide the basic necessities for them. 

Sure, they may have to buy a few items however, they will not have to worry about their survival, inflation, diminishing quantities in the market etc. This is because they have the capability of producing for themselves even in the wake of such emergencies. 

A Secure Future 

Since you won’t have to depend on others to provide for your requirements not only will it empower you but also help you attain a secure future. You would no longer have to rely on external sources when you are capable of producing for yourself. 


For instance, Those who have a spacious backyard or a terrace garden, can grow their own herb garden. This would allow you to grow your own herbs for your kitchen instead of buying them from the market. 


Simple Ways to Adopt A Self-Sustaining Lifestyle


The idea of a self-sufficient life may scare some who think that they need to sacrifice a luxurious life and grow their own farm. However, one does not have to give up all the luxuries of life to accommodate this lifestyle. Be it on a large scale or a small scale, you can take control over some aspects of your lifestyle if not entirely.


Create Your Very Own Edible Garden 


Not only is gardening therapeutic, now you can also use it to grow your own herbs, berries, veggies etc. for your kitchen. You can rely on your own garden to provide you and your family with fresh, inexpensive yet healthy produce every day. 


For example: The 47 co-owners of the Tamarind Valley Collective. Their take on a self-sustaining lifestyle includes a 75 acre land known as the “Tamarind Valley Collective.” They grow food crops on this plot of land, they’ve built a community kitchen for all those living there and also have their own supply of water. 


Don’t worry, you don’t need to shift to a farm away from city life to grow an edible garden for yourself. You can grow small potted herbs on your kitchen counter or a garden if you have space. 


Learn To Sew  


The clothing industry is a massive industry with people spending thousands of rupees on clothing every year. As the industry is taking a step towards sustainable fashion to reduce the environmental hazards that fast fashion brings with it, we can take a step in the comfort of our very own homes. We can upcycle the old clothes we have and remake them into something new by adding our own creativity. We can also sew our very own home made sanitary napkins. Recycling and repurposing old clothes will cut down majorly on your clothing expenses. 


Ishana, in Coimbatore, aspired to adopt baby steps towards a big evolution. She came up with the idea of sewing cotton pads which are environmental friendly. She discovered this eco-friendly cotton based sanitary pads to combat the traditional non-biodegradable pads. She started making cotton pads for her personal consumption initially and then started selling them in bulk at nominal rates. If each of us can adopt such small sustainable practices, we can not only lead a self-sustaining lifestyle but also create a big difference one family at a time.


Installation Of Rain Barrels 


Rain barrels are a cost effective and simple way to harvest rainwater which otherwise goes to waste. You can use this water later for various purposes and even for drinking after filtering the water. You can use this for watering your plants, washing clothes, washing your utensils, car, other chores and saving the tap water. This method is especially fruitful now since we are heading towards a serious water crisis. 


Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology’s Principal Scientific Officer, AR Shivakumar, believes in utilizing rain water to its maximum potential. His house runs on only the water he conserves through rain water harvesting and has no piped water supply running throughout his house. He has been using the method of rainwater harvesting to meet all his water requirements since the year 1995. 


Installation Of Solar Panels 

Did you know that you can DIY your own solar panel?


Now don’t worry, this doesn’t require you to construct the panel from scratch. Instead, you can have solar kits sent to your house and then install them by yourself. If you are not skilled enough to do so, you can always get an expert to help you out. This way you make a one time investment and save up on electricity bills for the rest of your life with this renewable energy source.


Dwarkadas Suresh, also given the name of Solar Suresh, lives in a self-sufficient home in Kilpauk. He designed a home for himself which has solar panels, rain water harvesting mechanism, biogas, terrace gardens and Air-o-water machine which produces drinking water from air. The roof of his house boasts of a 3KW solar system and at a lecture he stated that ever since he installed the solar system, he did not have to face a power cut for even a minute. 


Create You Remedies At Home

Instead of relying on pharmacies and shop bought remedies, you can make them at home with the basic ingredients present at home and also with the herbs growing in your edible garden. Starting from home made medicines to beauty remedies, you can make it yourself without splurging on chemical based products. 


The most commonly grown herb in every Indian household is Tulsi also known as basil. This herb is rich in vitamin A, C and K and helps in healing ailments in liver, kidney, heart, skin etc. 

Humans have become dependent on others to fulfil their needs. Now more than ever before, is the time to venture into a path that leads us away from this world of dependence and moves us closer to an independent lifestyle. The world is evolving and as we are hit by the destructive virus, social distancing has become the new norm. Self-sustaining lifestyle is a need of the hour and not only should it be advocated but also adopted by each one of us.Indian Ayurveda, a self -recovery is all we need! Rely on yourself, to provide for yourself and your family.

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