top 5 movies that make you fall in love with LGBTQ

top 5 movies that make you fall in love with LGBTQ


By shristi

Sexuality. A term which triggers millions of people and thousands of emotions. Emotions that are sometimes on the very opposite ends of the spectrum. A term which gives rise to a plethora of questions – some valid, some just as invalid as a corrupt politician’s promises.  Sexuality so far has no concrete definition to bind the numerous categories that come under its umbrella. Over the course of years the controversial word sexuality has gained immense popularity. However, in a country where religion, blind faith and baseless superstitions have more power over the minds of people than education, normalizing a concept that goes beyond the standards of normalcy set by the society, demands a long and excruciating battle.
After decades of campaigning for equal rights for the LGBTQ (LESBIAN, GAY, BI-SEXUAL, TRANSGENDER AND QUEER) community. On 6th of September,2018, the Supreme court of India finally ruled out parts of the unconstitutional section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which invaded a person’s right to exercise their sexuality and existed since 1861 under the oppressive British Rule. This rule was introduced on the basis of people having any other sexual orientation as pursuing, “sexual activities against the order of nature.” However, the fight for equality is far from over. People belonging to this community are still prohibited from getting married and adopting.
The entertainment industry has taken a conscious leap towards producing more movies that are empathetic towards the LGBTQ community instead of presenting them as subjects of parody and mockery. Let’s look at some Bollywood masterpieces which strived to normalize the stigma associated with this community.
GULABI AAINA – This masterpiece was the first ever movie in Bollywood that unabashedly and unapologetically revolved around the love story of two transsexuals and a teenager protagonist who identified himself as gay. Transsexuals have always been caricatured and subjected to humiliation, which still stands true in the society we even live in today. Even though this movie received praise and recognition worldwide and in several film festivals, the Indian censor board banned it deeming it to be indecent and provocative. But what exactly did the censor board find the movie provoking? The pretentious sense of morals in Indians or the unacceptable treatment of the LGBTQ in the Indian Society? After a long span of 13 years, this movie was finally given its due value and released on Netflix to reach a larger audience.
FIRE – This movie surpassed all expectations of what society accepted as “honourable” and was revolutionary. The movie starring Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi, focused on the intimate and close relationship between the two women, after struggling in their respective relationships with their husbands. This portrayal of lesbianism was condemned by the Indian society widely, due to the story line that went against India’s alleged traditions.
ALIGARH – This beautifully crafted movie revolved around the untimely demise of Ramchandra Siras, a professor of the Aligarh Muslim University. After being dismissed from his position as a professor at the university due to his sexual orientation that is, being gay, his sudden death intrigues the mind of an inquisitive journalist who devoted himself to unravel the mystery of his death and fight to give him justice. Aligarh is a pioneering movie which portrayed the viciousness that people of the LGBTQ community fall prey to.
MEMORIES OF MARCH – This movie presents a new concept and idea, the essence of which has been wonderfully captured. When you grow up in an environment where the society sets the boundaries and rules that you are expected to abide by, something that within yourself seems out of the norm for the society, can be scary to accept and reveal to those around you, This movie portrays the concept of embracing oneself fearlessly. The movie shows the demise of a gay man who had not come out to his parents. While coming to collect the man’s body, his mother stumbles upon his unrevealed secret as she comes across his lover. As her disbelief turned into acceptance of her son’s preference, the mother and the lover connected over the loss of their loved one and accepted his death.
  • LOEV – The story of two friends as they realize their feelings for each other on a trip, breaks the stereotype of romance brewing between a woman and a man and presents to the audience a norm that is beyond their control.
Homophobia and queer-phobia in India have been prevalent even though Hindu relics and temples are evidence to the existence of innumerable sexual orientations since time immemorial. However, discrimination, suppression and hate crimes towards people belonging to the LGBTQ community are not unheard of even in the recent years. The society shuns them, they are ridiculed and mocked, they are dismissed from their jobs and even deprived of the basic respect that a human being deserves.
We are in the year 2020 and It's high time we take a stand for our fellow human beings, educate those who consider these different sexualities to be products of a disease. The only thing that is sick is the mindset of those who see them as any less of a human. It’s never too late to spread awareness and what better way to reach the mass on a large scale than creating movies revolving around the stories of this community. Movies can significantly impact a viewer’s mindset and help in bettering the society we live in.  Youngsters in the age of 15-16 are the most influenced. It’s time to raise the next generation right and teach them to respect every individual irrespective of their sexual orientation.


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