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India is a multidimensional nation with a 1.27 billion populace spread over different locales having unique conventions and ceremonies however the essential culture stays as before. Because of this parcel of extraordinary outfits and clothing, trends are being seen which have a long history. 
Each trend has its foundations in someplace in history and trends are truly what the fashion world revolves around. Developments and redesigns are a major wave that is at present stylish. It very well may be anything, directly from the Retro style bell-bottoms, bobby prints, keen materials, zero size, and body adjustment, for example, piercing, tattoo, or medical procedures. 
Even after the remarkable impact of the Britishers, we Indians have maintained our custom and tradition ceaseless and conveyed forward. However, the progressing and impending western trends are inundating our Indian society on the loose. Subsequently, our internal Indian culture is getting obscured and we should now be stressed as it would be lost with the passage of time. However, as we probably are aware, our Indian culture spirits will consistently remain evergreen. It can never bite the dust. We need to advance our social legacy so these shallow layers of different societies evaporate and draw out our Indian culture and trends onto the global stage to keep this current nation's fortune thriving.
Lifestyle and fashion trends in a society
Fashion has been in our society for a very long time. The idea of fashion isn't fresh, it's simply that the meaning of fashion has changed a great deal nowadays. Fashion resembles wind and is changing quickly and there is a great deal that has added to fashion nowadays. Prior accessories were not a significant piece of fashion while nowadays frills like wristbands, studs and extravagant watches have become a part of our everyday fashion routine and on occasions, these accessories are much more expensive than our dresses. 
We can barely observe anybody on the road who isn't fashion conscious. From students to the working class, everybody needs to look the best and stays aware of the fashion consistently. 
One of the numerous elements liable for the spread and the furor of fashion among individuals is TV and media. These mediums feature the style articulation of the famous people routinely and watching them on TV additionally makes an enthusiastic among inside the watcher to look best. 
Fashion in the conversational language can be called infectious in light of the fact that individuals get impacted by one whose identity is fashion conscious. Everybody needs to follow the most stylish trend. There is no harm in keeping up with fashion but it should be done in moderation.
Lifestyle and fashion trends among students
Students are effortlessly affected by the latest fashion trends. They attempt to change their lifestyle by embracing new trends. Apparel is one of the significant components of an individual's conduct. It shows an individual's character and respect-this is the thinking of a society. A few people in our society judge one's character by one's dressing style. 
On the off chance that a young woman likes western dresses, it doesn't imply that she couldn't care less about our way of life. It's a sort of conventional attitude of our society we have come up from. We need to give in to the new trends and new fashion. We are opening up to new innovations and new advancements. Similarly, societies need to acknowledge new trends in fashion as well.
Students who are in the puberty stage are effortlessly pulled in by the new western trends and fashion. We need to make them comprehend that fashion isn't to draw in others. They need to keep harmony among fashion and solace. They have the opportunity to enjoy fashion and extravagance life, from the start they need to zero in on schooling that should be their first inclination. In any case, their age makes them go to new fashion trends and cause them to follow their good examples. 
Yet, unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that they get diverted by the new trends and they endure for the duration of their life. It doesn't imply that they ought not to dress cleverly or they ought not to look great. They ought to never get occupied and ought not to occupy others as well. Fashion impacts school students more than undergrads. The school bags that they have, the watch, when all is said and done, they include themselves in fashion trends. They follow others and simultaneously they set their own fashion trends as well.
Impacts of lifestyle and fashion trends
Fashion is tied in with looking great. In each feeling of dressing style, footwear, cosmetics, and haircut and in keeping a sound body. Presently, individuals truly rely upon the style and its new trends without thinking about the positives and negatives that accompany it. Let’s have a look at the positive and negative impacts of lifestyle and fashion trends in society:
With each passing year, designers come up with new designs and collections that make their presence in the fashion market that people buy to look attractive and keep up with lifestyle and fashion trends.
  • Following your own fashion explanation gives you a feeling of free-thinking and you will in general turn out to be a great independent thinker. 
  • Whatever you wear, on the off chance that you feel that you are looking best; it gives you an extraordinary feeling of certainty. 
  • Encourages you to associate with individuals of similar interests. 
Fashion appears to be a supernatural fix for some issues like tormenting and interfacing with peers. It has been seen that those spruced up insightfully are in every case low on the objective of menaces as they feel that an individual with extraordinary fashion sense should be high on fashion and general capacities and may fight back and demonstrate out to be a danger for them. 
  • Prompts an alluring character and holding with similar individuals 
  • It is a method of vivid living and investigating a variety of life. 
  • Following their fashion at an early age will in general make them wise. 
  • Having a more noteworthy fashion sense can likewise find them employment in the fashion business. 
Nowadays' children are getting so fixated on fashion that the entire day they ponder fashion and burn through most of their time and cash on fashion, valuable time which they should spend on examinations. 
At study places, likewise, more often than not students spend looking at one another's dresses and can't concentrate well. 

To follow the style proclamation of their celebs, young people frequently get their smoking styles too. 

Just as the monetary repercussions of getting too associated with fashion, an understudy who invests their energy agonizing over the most recent trends and styles are being occupied from the essential goal of an understudy: To examine. 
Students attempt to purchase practically all-new fashionable items because of keeping their great picture on others. Nonetheless, quite a major loss of the cash prompts a weighty monetary weight on the guardians. Indeed, even a few people who don't bear to supply the essential necessities lean toward purchasing such costly items. 

To find a way into skin-tight dresses, young ladies regularly begin eating fewer carbs which can divert them away from judgments. 

Students are not notable for the symptoms of some compound items like hair tone and blanch and a ton of time utilize them which lead to hypersensitive responses that can cause pimples or some serious responses. 

The longing to look decent can assume control over life and cash. 

On the off chance that you become truly fixated on fashion attire, at that point it is likewise conceivable that you may feel uneasiness, despondency, or dietary issues when you are not spruced sufficient.
At the point when fashion occupies individuals, particularly youth, from more beneficial activities, they center more around procuring the most recent and the most fashionable wear as opposed to training or work. Individuals who can't bear the cost of certain fashionable things now and again have lessened confidence and don't feel satisfactory among their friends. 
Now and again individuals are harassed for not having the most popular trends. A few people accept fashion is unsafe since it makes a society wherein appearance is frequently esteemed more than character. 
On the positive side, fashion is a craftsmanship, which animates and moves individuals to communicate. Individuals regularly flaunt their own personality, ability, and culture through their fashion decisions. Regularly individuals use what they see on fashion runways and in the stores to make their own extraordinary looks, communicating their innovativeness. Fashion additionally advances inventiveness as planners attempt to outperform each other through their one of a kind and complex designs.
Fashion is certifiably not an unjustifiable and unimportant part of our society. It is one of the most evident and substantial means to track and influence cultural change.

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