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Mahila-e Haat
As you sit behind the screen and read this article, ask yourself a question, “have I met my career aspirations?” While some of you may answer “yes”, there are thousands of other women who will answer “no”. Millions of women weave their dreams around their aspirations for the future. However, only a select few beat the orthodox system and fulfil them. While several women fight for their dreams, they don’t have the right means to develop their career. Therefore, the administration of schemes that empower more and more women is important. One such scheme introduced by the Government is the Mahila E-Haat scheme. 
Mahila E-haat is an online marketing platform launched on the occasion of International Women's Day 2016 by the Union Government to facilitate women entrepreneurs to sell their products. It is an initiative mainly for the women across the country with an objective to further the financial inclusion of women entrepreneurs by providing support to their creativity.
Mahila E-Haat is an initiative for meeting aspirations and needs of women entrepreneurs.
To empower and strengthen financial inclusion of Women Entrepreneurs in the economy by providing continued sustenance and support to their creativity it is associated with the Ministry of Women & Child Development.
To support 'Make in India' through an online marketing platform.
  • To act as a catalyst by providing a web based marketing platform to the women entrepreneurs to directly sell to the buyers.
  • It is an initiative for women across the country as a part of ‘Digital India’ and ‘Stand Up India’ initiatives. The platform has been set up by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India under Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK).
Key features: 
The features of the initiative are unique as this is for the first time the government is helping women to sell their products, like cloths, bags, jewellery through this web portal
  • Women can also showcase services being provided by them which reflect creative potential e.g. tailoring and hand made products
  • Doesn't require anything but a mobile phone. The entire business can be handled only by the mobile.
  • Provides a platform for women entrepreneurs to use technology for showcasing products made/manufactured/sold by them
  • The buyer will have the option of approaching the seller physically, telephonically or through Email or any other means as convenient to him/her
  • direct interface between buyer and seller, to facilitate marketing of products of women entrepreneurs and other self help groups
Terms and conditions :
  • Only for women with the citizenship of India
  • Self help groups should only be women led 
  •  All the goods and services must be legal.
  •  Transactions should be completely legal too.
  • Vendors must ensure timely delivery of product/products/ services to the buyer.
  • Products will be displayed for a minimum period of 30
  • And will be re-exhibited after a break of 30 days.
  •  The Participants/ vendors will receive the payment directly from the buyer.
  • Both sellers and buyers will have to indemnify RMK from any or all acts of transgression.
  • RMK shall reserve all rights to select the products/services to be listed on E-Haat. After selection RMK will inform the participants/ vendors upon which the participants/ vendors must send the Acceptance letter and Undertaking so that products/service contacts can be displayed.
  • Participants/ vendors shall deal with every defect and deficiency related to product/products and services and RMK shall not be responsible for any defect and deficiency.
  •  Participants/ vendors must ensure that all legal formalities as per the law of land are complied with for all overseas sales.
All you need to do is to fill up the "join us" form which can be easily downloaded from the official site.
  • Join Us
  • Other details
  •  terms and conditions
  • etc. can be downloaded from the site as well.
What are the Modes of enrolment as a Vendor/Seller?
a) Join online
b) Send hardcopy through post to Dr Durgabai Deshmukh Samaj Kalyan Bhawan, B-12,4th Floor, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016
c) Email to
d) Whatsapp @ 08826909309
A total of 16 categories of products :
  1. Clothing
  2. Bags
  3. Fashion accessories
  4. Grocery/staples organic
  5. Pottery
  6. Decorative and gift items
  7. File/folders
  8. Rugs and carpets
  9. Boxes
  10.  Miscellaneous
  11. Toys
  12. Industrial products
  13.  Baskets
  14.  Educational aid
  15.  Natural product
  16.  Services.
How does Mahila e-Haat work?
Women and self-help groups need to register on the Mahila e-Haat website. They can then display their products, along with photographs, prices, other relevant details, and contact information of the manufacturer or seller. Potential buyers have the option to contact the sellers directly, via phone, email, or even in person, for any information regarding products or services
According to Maneka Gandhi, Mahila e Haat is only the first stage of a very elaborate initiative. The minister plans to later integrate the website with other e-commerce portals so that manufacturers and entrepreneurs can reach more customers. Eventually, the project is expected to culminate in an institute called the Women's Entrepreneurs Council
  • under this initiative. 
How is Mahila E-Haat Beneficial?
  • As the name ‘Mahila E-Haat’ suggests, it is a digital tool. This startup was established at the online portal of ‘Rashtriya Mahila Kosh’. This digital portal focuses the light on portraying and marketing products produced by women entrepreneurs. 
  • This online platform can also prove to be beneficial in attracting more and more visitors by displaying their services. 
  • This platform adopts a notable approach towards showcasing the products and services in a creative way and thus marketing the potential it holds. 
  • Not only does it provide an empowering threshold towards self-sufficiency but also reinforces women’s right to socio-economic success.
  • As the website came into existence, it is said to have benefited approximately 1,25,000 women. 
  • This initiative is also an advantageous digital marketing platform which helps women entrepreneurs deal directly with buyers. Therefore, it enables the women entrepreneurs to sell their crafts directly to an interested customer. 
  • This platform is also a step towards encouraging the manufacturing, promotion and purchase of ‘make in India’ items. This is done while also benefiting the women who are trying to sell their goods through this digital platform. 
  • The Women and Child Development Ministry also collaborated with SBI (State Bank of India) and India Post. This collaboration was intended to help the buyers choose from a number of payment options. Another reason for this collaboration was to make shipment of goods convenient. 
  • Through this link up, SBI account holders could choose from paying through –
  1. Cheque
  2. Draft
  3. E-banking
  4. E-wallet by using the ‘SBI Buddy’ app.
  5. As well as ‘SBI Global’ for international purchasers. 
Buyers could also opt for ‘general insurance’ which would ensure that product being shipped is insured. 
The India Post collaboration was developed to make shipping options easier for women. This was done so that women could easily discover the post office closest to them. 
The Mahila e-Haat initiative comes as a respite to many women who have the talent but lack the technical know-how and platform to showcase their products. It will make women financially secure and provide them with direction and focus
Mahila e-Haat is only a start. The second and third stages of the program will likely see many more women achieving their dreams of being self-reliant and financially independent. The initiative is also a brilliant way to encourage women to take up entrepreneurship, which is primarily considered a male-dominated role in our country. Financial freedom is very important for women. At the same time, it can mean different things for men and women.

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