Women Helpline Scheme

As women empowerment is in full swing all across the world, various schemes are introduced on a regular basis in India in order to create a path where women are not restricted to do something due to some unnecessary impediment or fear.  
Several terrifying cases have revealed the plight of women in India. Since time immemorial, the Indian society has been plagued with brutality against women. From shuddering with fear while working night shifts to being eve-teased, it’s impertinent to provide a safety net for women. One such scheme introduced by the Modi Government to ensure a safer environment for Indian women is the “women helpline scheme”.
What Is The Women Helpline Scheme?
  1. The women helpline scheme or WHL is an initiative to assign a 24*7 assistance to women facing abuse. The help will be provided with the aid of referrals through the likes of hospitals, police assistance and one stop centre. This also includes spreading awareness throughout the nation regarding the different government schemes for the protection of women. There is one constant number for this purpose. 
  2. Every state and UT under the Indian subcontinent will be furnished with WHL incorporated with One Stop Centre Scheme. This incorporation requires an OSC to be constructed across each state and UT. This integration would help in providing aid to Women abused in public as well as private atmosphere. Any woman who has been impacted by abuse and requires redressal services will be assisted by the OSC. 
  3. The WHL scheme is important for establishing a single uniform national helpline for women. 181 has been designated as the helpline for women which should be the same across all the states and UT in India. 
What is the purpose of the WHL scheme?
  • India reports thousands of cases of women violence every single year. Several cases of abuse against women take place at odd hours. Therefore, it is essential that a helpline is provided which is available to victims of abuse 24*7. The women helpline scheme ensures the availability of assistance and information to such women through the toll-free number 24*7. 
  • The women helpline ensures the proper intervention of higher authorities. The WHL reports the incident to appropriate bodies like hospitals/ the police/ One Stop Centre (OSC)/ DLSA (District Legal Service Authority)/ PO (Protection Officer) etc. 
  • Several government schemes for the protection of women have been implemented over the course of years. However, not every woman is educated about the available schemes and services which they can avail in situations of violence. The WHL helps in creating awareness about the different women protection oriented schemes. The WHL helps in imparting knowledge about the services that a violated woman can avail in her locality of employment or residency. 
Who is the WHL scheme dedicated to?
Women in India are in dire need of an environment where they can feel safe and secure. Therefore, this helpline is an initiative to induce a feeling of safety in women. 
  • This helpline is dedicated in providing service to all females who face abuse be it in her private life, public area or work sector. 
  • Not only is it limited to providing assistance during instances of violence but it also spreads information to women asking for it. Any woman trying to obtain information on women oriented schemes and programmes can seek the help of the WHL.
What are the benefits of the WHL scheme?
  1. The foremost and the biggest benefit of the WHL scheme is the availability of a 24*7. 7 days a week helpline. This helpline can be accessed by any female who is undergoing abuse. They can access the WHL through several modes – 
  • Telecommunication through mobile, landline, SMS, fax, mobile applications etc.
  • Through the usage of the internet. Options like social networking sites, web-interface, web-posts, mails etc. 
  1. While it is important to provide prompt help, it is also important to be considerate towards women who are suffering with disability. Therefore, the WHL scheme ensures patient service to all such women who are distressed with impairments regarding hearing, speech or other ailments. 
  2. In case of a sudden call disconnection, the call will be traced. The call could have been disconnected owing to various reasons which could require an emergency response. Therefore, the call would be traced and an emergency assistance would be initiated through higher authorities.
  3. The WHL scheme also helps women to easily access a portal where they can feed in their personal details. The woman in distress will then receive a Unique ID number. This UID number would help in resolving her case through the help of district and central authorities.
  4. This portal also proves valuable in providing precise information about the available resources. These resources are the ones which would be the nearest to the victim and can provide aid in terms of – 
  • Shelter, 
  • legal aid,
  • medical assistance, 
  • support
  1. This portal will also provide information on the schemes and programmes implemented by the government to protect females. The woman seeking information will be provided all the details which would enable her to follow the protocols and utilize the schemes. 
  2. Under the WHL scheme, several awareness programs will be held to encourage more women to stand up for themselves. These outreach activities would broaden the spectrum of knowledge women to enable them to proceed with the service. 
  3. The WHL scheme is not just restricted to the urban communities but also the remote marginalized sections of women. 
It is not only enough to implement these schemes to fight the sorry state of women in our country but also generate awareness. Women in our country have been subdued through the decades. A large section of women in our country don’t have access to education. Therefore, the WHL scheme takes into consideration all communities of women and encourages all to raise their voice. 
Women Helpline Scheme Number - 181
URL - https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://wcd.nic.in/schemes/women-helpline-scheme-2&ved=2ahUKEwjSkcz649nrAhVuxTgGHbnNBHcQFjAAegQIDRAC&usg=AOvVaw1vv24UDF7TrJy4aoUy8k8C

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