The Pandemic & Gruesome Animal Abuse

The Pandemic and Gruesome Animal Abuse
Ever since the world waged a war against the COVID-19 pandemic, the limelight has shifted to the ill-treatment of animals worldwide. The lethal virus originated in the renowned wet market ‘Huanan Seafood Market’ in Wuhan, China. It was the meteoric escalation of the virus that exposed the need for better protective measures to safeguard animals. 
The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, brought forward the blood curdling cruelty animals are exposed to in these markets. The scenario of the blood soaked stalls of these wet markets blended with a muck of scales, guts and water is sickening. These markets are a place of intense torture for animals as severe savagery is imposed upon them.
  • A campaign to protest against the wet markets had been initiated by Animal Equality. This campaign demands all wet markets located worldwide to be shut down. 
  • Animal Equality released an exclusively shot video. This video portrayed the distressing situation of the wet markets in India, China and Vietnam. The video showcased the spine-chilling environment the animals were kept in. Animals starting from dogs, baby crocodiles, beavers, porcupines to rats suffer in deplorable conditions. These animals are kept starved, dehydrated and plagued with diseases. 
  • These markets are a breeding ground for some life-threatening diseases much like SARS. Therefore, these markets are not only a threat to mankind but also a locus of excruciating pain for innocent animals. 
Ever since the health crisis struck the world, great importance has been focused on the rise of abuse. This abuse is not just limited to women, children or men. Animals are now on the radar of abusers as they become victims to intense brutality. 
Several such cases of animal brutality have surfaced and outraged thousands. Are animal laws just words penned down to satisfy animal activists or are they actually implemented? With animal cruelty on the rise, it becomes increasingly difficult to answer these questions. 
Let us look at some horrific incidents of brutality against animals during the pandemic. These incidents during the pandemic will force you to question the existing system for animals - 
  1. Abandonment of Pets – 
With the pandemic increasing anxiety and panic levels amongst people, an increased abandonment of pets have been observed. Amidst this crisis thousands of pets are being abandoned every day  to fend for themselves. The reason behind this action is fear. 
Gauri Maulekhi, the co-trustee of People for Animals, stated that an increased number of abandonment cases have been observed during the pandemic. This is because people fear contracting the coronavirus infection from their pets. Your pet is loyal to you but are you? 
  1. Death of Pregnant Elephant In Kerala – 
In a heartbreaking news, the death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala was brought forward. The 15 year old pregnant elephant passed away after succumbing to injuries caused by consuming a firecracker loaded pineapple. The firecracker exploded in her mouth causing grave injuries. She died a painful death standing in a river after wandering in agony for several days. Even through the discomfort of the stinging pain, she didn’t hurt a single human being.
  1. Animal Abuse for TikTok – 
  • Another disheartening news revealed a video of two teenagers abusing a dog for a TikTok video. These two teenagers residing in Ujjain were charged for participating in an act of animal brutality. A dog was seen being flung into a pond and then being pelted with stones by these teenagers.
 As the TikTok video went viral, it caused a huge uproar urging their arrests. These two teenagers were identified as a major of 19 year old and a minor. PETA had declared a reward of Rs. 50,000 to anyone who could guide them to the teenagers. PETA with the help of Ujjain Police arrested these two boys. 
  • Similarly, an 18 year old boy was charged with animal abuse after a TikTok video went viral. This video portrayed a dead cat hanging from the ceiling of the house as the boy kept swinging the rope. A song from a comedy scene was playing in the  background. This caused public outrage amongst netizens who demanded his arrest.
  1. Leopard Beaten To Death in Guwahati – 
In an incident occurring in Guwahati, a leopard was tortured to death for entering a residential area. Before the arrival of the forest department, intense pain was inflicted on the leopard. The animal was found covered in bruises from being beaten, its nails and teeth had been uprooted by the residents. A video that went viral showed the public celebrating by going on a procession with the dead animal and clicking pictures with it. This incident outraged many who started demanding the administration of firmer animal cruelty laws. 
  1. Cow Passed Away After Consuming Explosives – 
This incident is a gory reminder of the pregnant elephant who passed away after consuming pineapple loaded explosives. A pregnant cow had her jaw mangled and severely blown up after consuming dough wrapped up in explosives. The inhabitants of the area filed a complaint in accordance with the incident. The abuser was arrested and also accused of preying on wild boars and several other animals. This was done in a similar manner using the dough loaded with explosives for their meat.
  1. Monkey Hanged To Death in Telangana – 
In a horrific cowardly act of animal abuse, a monkey was hanged to death in the Khammam District, Telangana. A group of men brutally killed a monkey to scare the rest of the monkeys off the field. This monkey was tied with a rope from a tree. These men then released two dogs on the monkey who was struggling to escape the captivity. These men even had sticks in their possession to beat up the monkey. 
The constitution grants several laws to safeguard animals – Wildlife Protection Act (1972), Prevention of cruelty to Animals Act (1960), Art 48A, Article 51A(g), Sections 428, 429 under the Indian Penal Code. However, would you say our animals are safe in the abhorrent environment where they are subjected to inhumane cruelties? Even with the existence of such laws, animal protection is not always prioritized in our country. We not only require stricter laws to be in place but also firmly implemented all across the country. 

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