Why Meditation Is Essential and Why Everybody Should Do It?


In the hustle and bustle of daily life, exhaustion takes over each cell of our being and drains us of every ounce of energy. Fatigue and tensity become our companions, as we drag ourselves through the tediousness of our frantic schedule. We have no time for leisure and to pursue our passion, as the 9 to 5 job eats us alive.

This is where meditation plays an important role in striking a balance between our manic routine and leisure. Anxiety and stress have become terms that have normalized over the years due to the pressure that leaves us unsettled and agitated. Meditation helps us exhale the negative energy and inhale positivity, while connecting us to our mind and soul.

Meditation came into existence first in India. The wall arts in India are the oldest forms of evidence to support this claim. These wall arts date back to 5000 to 3, 500 BCE, during early Buddhism in India. These arts show people in meditative postures and eyes half closed.


In a world, where competition is the new norm, we have no time to rest and breathe, no time to sit and appreciate the little moments that life gifts us every day. In this rat race towards the material gains, will meditation be our salvation? According to statistics 200–500 million people across the globe practice meditation.

  • Meditation Improves Mental Health Anxiety, depression, panic are common words heard in our society today. We are susceptible to anxiety because we more often than not focus on our past and the future. We don't live in the moment. Not only does it leave us feeling miserable but also negatively impacts our physical and mental health. Meditation helps us liberate these feelings that burden us and leaves us crippled. Meditation improves anxiety by 60%. 84% of people meditate to reduce their stress and anxiety. 

  • Meditation Is An Effective Way To Reduce Insomnia In a large number of people, meditation proved to be quite effective in reducing the wake time of insomnia. 75% of the people who started meditating regularly said they only needed 20 minutes to fall asleep. It also prompted 91% of those who were suffering from Insomnia to give up their sleeping pills. Meditation is beneficial in reducing the wake time to up to 50%.

  • This is because Insomnia usually stems from stress and anxiety and meditation helps in reducing the arousal actions in the brain and relaxes your mind.
  • Meditation Increases Productivity Meditation helps you stay aligned with your purpose and helps you weave a blanket of concentration around each endeavour you undertake. This is a great way to maximize your potential and to reap the benefits of your productivity. Meditation can help increase your productivity at work by 120%. Employers who suggested their employees to practice meditation reported less absenteeism to work by 85% while profits elevated by up to 520%.

  • Meditation Improves Your Health Studies show that meditation can exponentially decrease the chances of being hospitalized owing to coronary disease upto 87%. Meditation is also a useful way to reduce blood pressure by 80%. This is because any illness that is a result of stress can be cured by the relaxing impact of meditation.


  • Grateful Meditation - Take out time to be grateful for the roof over your head, for the security and comfort of warm food, for the basic necessities of life that seem unimportant to you. Take out time for everything that you have and everything that you've been blessed with. No matter how small it may seem.

  • Gratitude meditation is said to increase our happiness by 25%. It builds our self esteem. It helps in reducing stress by 23%and shows 29% chances of improved sleep cycle.

  • Visualisation meditation . Visualization meditation is a practice that involves meditation and the power of envisioning. Visualisation is a practice which lets you vividly envision in your mind your future goals and accomplishments and experience the same feelings that you would feel at that time. Try to engage all your 5 senses. Eliminate all negative thoughts and focus on joyous emotions of achieving your goals and accompany this with affirmations. Affirmations are mantras could be "I am rich", "I have the perfect life" "I love my life". Visualisation keeps us motivated to take action and keeps you aligned with your purpose. Even celebrities, athletes and other influential people believe in the power of visualisation to achieve success.

  • Mindfulness Meditation - This technique allows you to seize every moment and live in that moment, without surrendering yourself to your past or intimidating thoughts of the future. Big corporate companies like Google, Salesforce, Goldman Sachs Group, Bank of America, Blackrock and Aetna are also introducing mindfulness training programmes for their employees.

Mindfulness meditation helps in

  1. Increases Productivity
  2. decrease risks of post-traumatic stress disorder by 73%.
  3. Improve mental and physical health
  4. Improves focus and attention span

Meditation is an integral part of one's individuality and helps in releasing all the negativity while focusing on the good and bettering oneself.

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