Climate Change : Is Death Nearing?

The world is amidst a pandemic now battling for its survival. As we face the challenge of a lethal virus, which is threatening to wipe humanity off of Earth's face, another deep rooted recurring issue has been significantly impacting the environment - Climate Change.

How Is Climate Change Affecting Human Life?

As unpredictable nature's forces continue to wreak havoc, the human race is gradually becoming more and more susceptible to health hazards caused by agents of the universe. Our knowledge on human health is being challenged by the accelerating climate change.

Do you know, what will happen if the water levels keep rising? If the glaciers keep melting? If droughts and famine become a regular cycle? If heat waves increase in intensity and cold waves decrease in intensity? Climate change affects agriculture, water resources, temperature, natural habitats and vegetation and wildlife. The world's organisms and biology depends on climatic stability and so does our existence. This metamorphosis in the climate is not just affecting human health but also every other determinant that are the pillars of strength supporting human life.

Climate change signifies the coming catastrophe and the wrath of Earth's biophysical and ecological structure.

Change in the world climate would result in a massacre of biodiversity and the extinction of innumerable species. It would lead to a breach in the barrier which protected humans from several communicable diseases. With the change in the geographical contours, human life has become even more exposed to these perils of nature.

Predicted reports suggest that a quarter to million people are exposed to the vulnerability of losing their lives every year and by 2030, 100 million people and even more would be sidelined into immense impoverishment, which would further affect their immunity to fight with the diseases and thus becoming easily perishable.

Who Is To Be Blamed For Climate Change?

Who is to be blamed for the dangers that the human race is about to encounter? The selfish human pursuits and undertakings are now facing the fury of nature, as we are trapped in this maze just like the trapped greenhouse gases which magnified global warming to an exponentially large scale.

History is evidence that humans always face the consequences of their actions. So did the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians and so will we. We humans have impelled superfluous global warming to the already diverse climate and this will cause the temperatures to keep elevating.

How can we help in reducing climate change?

  1. Reduced car emissions-

Cars have become a necessity in our daily lives, much like our smartphones without which commute seems impossible in our busy surroundings. Even though a car is extremely beneficial, they also come with a lot of disadvantages which affect climate. Cars emit harmful greenhouse gases which accelerates global warming. Imagine millions of private cars emitting tonnes of gases. This is one of the major contributing factors in the increasing climate change. You can reduce the emission of these gases by travelling by public transports available. There are thousands of public transport like buses, which can help you commute to and fro.

  1. Awareness

Climate change is an environmental hazard which is capable of producing long lasting and severe damage to the world's bio and eco system. The human kind needs to be aware of the impending dangers and the importance of working towards reducing the magnitude of this disaster. The best way to spread awareness is through imparting knowledge. Use your social media platforms and online forums and the endless opportunities available to you to spread this message loud and clear.

3. Recycle, Renew, Reuse

Tonnes of greenhouse gases are disbursed in the environment every year by the factories. This is a casualty which takes place as a side effect of manufacturing goods which have become a necessity in our daily lives. Recycling is an effective way to combat this issue. You can recycle, renew and reuse your old clothes, plastic, paper, glass etc.

4. Efficient Use of energy

The conservative use of energy is an effective way to add to the already rapid climatic change. This method leads to a lesser amount of energy being disbursed by the power plants and in turn a significant amount of reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases. You can help by starting at your very own house. All you have to do is make sure you turn off the lights when you leave the room, remove the plug of the devices once they have served your purpose, increase the usage of energy efficient light bulbs available in the market.

Every Individual must come together to play their part in protecting human life and the planet. Every single individual matters. Remember, your inaction is causing more harm than your action. Get up and do your bit, now!

By anil12kuma | Updated on Tue, August 04, 2020 - 12:41:23 PM

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