"Knowing what is happening not just with your life but around the globe gives you a better perception of how every one of us is so similar yet different. How different societies, cultures, traditions, lifestyles, religions, beliefs, genders, spectrums, politics, drawbacks, people, languages, foods, development, infrastructure, fashion, so and so forth have something to teach us, enlighten us. How magnificent is the fact that there is always something to learn and be surprised by it? It never ends, does it? ."


Pandemic & Rise Domestic Violence�

Domestic violence is an evil that has always existed in society since its dawn. Domestic violence is ancient, old, and not something that has been born out of the Covid-19 lockdown

The Role Of Media In LGBTQ+

Historically, the depictions of LGBT groups in the media have been adverse, mirroring the social bigotry towards LGBT people.