"When we say history, something like thousand years of inventions, the Indus Valley Civilization, movements, war of Spanish succession, crop rotation, etc &, etc might pop in your head. But here is the big reason why history matters, it does because it can provide us with solutions to many of our present problems. History is full of surprises and if you know enough of it you might know something good and amazing. But above everything else what we look for are “Good Ideas' ' and “History” is full of them.."


Cultural Heritage Theft.

The cultural heritage of a place is what the community of people residing there identify themselves with.

Pandemics That Shook the World in the Last 100 Years

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has caused an atmosphere of fear and confusion. The pandemic has already claimed thousands of lives.

History Of Bisexuality

It hasnt been up to this point that bisexuality has been thought of and recognized as a genuine sexuality.