" Earth, the beautiful part of the living universe has everything an individual could require and that is only possible because of the environment. The environment is everything and we humans depend on it for our existence. So do you not think we should talk more about it? Mother earth is not there because of us, because of the earth, we are there. Our future depends on earth and one way or the other our action will determine our fate. We need earth, earth doesnít 0need us.."


Climate Change : Is Death Nearing? 

The world is amidst a pandemic now battling for its survival. As we face the challenge of a lethal virus, which is threatening to wipe humanity off of Earth's face.

All about the draft EIA 2020

As we continue battling the deteriorating conditions of the coronavirus pandemic in India, a term known as EIA has been doing rounds in news outlets lately.

Anthropogenic Climate Change

The majority of climate studies demonstrate that human activity is behind the fast changes that have been happening to the climate, which can cause extreme damage to the environment in the coming years. 

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Public Health & Climate Change

Climate change has always governed public health. Be it prolonged droughts or bitterly cold winters, climate change affects human health in various ways.