"To the outside world, our lives might be perfect even if in reality they are the complete opposite. Just like physical health, we all have mental health. It is our feelings, our thinking, our emotions, our moods. Everybody knows how to look after their physical health or at least they are aware that it matters. However, what most of us donít know is looking after our mental health is just as important because we canít really see it but we need to talk about it. So let us get the conversation started.."


Quarantine and Mental Healths

Every day the alarms go ringing to wake us up to reality. The reality; the mundane reality to sweep through the dusty roads, to face the unknown faces.

Why Meditation Is Essential and Why Everybody Should Do It?

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, exhaustion takes over each cell of our being and drains us of every ounce of energy.


Nothing could explain journaling better than this quote. Many of you might think that journaling is about creating something extraordinary out of your life or a few might misinterpret it with writing stories, poems, or fiction.

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A phobia is an anxiety disorder that makes a person experience extreme, exaggerated and† irrational fear about a situation, a living creature, a non living thing or a place.†

8 Parenting Tips for Fighting Coronavirus Season

Parenting is a tough job. Add a pandemic to it and it becomes even harder. Kids donÔŅĹt have the same kind of understanding as we adults do