Every day the alarms go ringing to wake us up to reality. The reality; the mundane reality to sweep through the dusty roads, to face the unknown faces, to grab that favorite burger from our favorite burger-point, and all this just to reach our one-stop destination; “The Work”.

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All about the draft EIA 2020

As we continue battling the deteriorating conditions of the coronavirus pandemic in India, a term known as EIA has been doing rounds in news outlets lately. The Environmental Impact Assessment Impact popularly known as EIA, has surfaced into a rage arousing the fury of several communities

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Climate change denial

Climate change denial refers to the denial of the scientific consensus which states that the earth’s temperature has been escalating and one solid rationale behind the warming is the activities done by human beings.

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Understanding the connection between climate change and public health

Climate change has always governed public health. Be it prolonged droughts or bitterly cold winters, climate change affects human health in various ways. There is scientific proof that climate change is in place all around the globe

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Tourism and climate change

For the last few years, climate change has been one of the controversial topics that have attracted the attention of numerous people all around the world. On one hand, we witness some impactful protests every now and then while on the other 

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Internet in times of COVID-19

There was a time when our media and news covered millions of aspects. We talked about happenings and our life wasn’t just centered around one particular incident and it carried on like that smoothly up until 2019.

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Are eSports booming in the time of COVID-19?

Life, as we know it, has come to a standstill. Almost every country has announced stern lockdowns and social distancing is what we are relying upon. The Pandemic has affected almost everything and has had a negative influence on almost every aspect of life.

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If you are a teenager, questions pertaining to your sexuality may be crowding your mind and causing a turmoil within.

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Why Meditation Is Essential and Why Everybody Should Do It?

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, exhaustion takes over each cell of our being and drains us of every ounce of energy.

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Social Media : A curse For Mental Health

Our world revolves around social media. Numbers have become our friends, while we communicate with our actual friends through the four frames of our smartphones.

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